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77:7 PM
By Heritage Art Center

At first, you'll think you're meeting Basquiat incarnate, but then you'll see Jaclayvious Emmanual.  There is no style, no classification, only art.  It's art that makes you feel.  It's like a memory or thought running in and out of your subconscious and conscious, a beautiful distortion of what is and was.   This mixed media showcase is a constant shifting and building of works, as Jaclayvious puts it, " They're never finished, I'm never finished, I don't know what the material is, it could be oatmeal or oils, just whatever I can get my hands on in that moment or thought".  Add to your collection or just come see this magnificent, mellow show.  The art may be fine but the atmosphere will be super relaxed and inviting.  As always, come as you are admission is free.

September 24
6:00pm - 8:00pm
The Gallery at Heritage
102 6th Street
Columbus, Georgia Georgia