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Competere: An Exhibition of Artist Couples
By The Bo Bartlett Center

COMPETERE is a survey of Contemporary artist couples who are individually a vital part of the current New York art scene. This exhibition explores the concerns of artist couples while also comparing and contrasting the variety of artmaking approaches and choices related to gender, location, and context. 

“The Latin word competere means to “strive together.” It is the root of the English word “competition.” Whereas “competition” suggests rivals, one faction determined to overcome the other – competere means two equals striving for the betterment of both.

In America, we are unaccustomed to such self-effacing practices. We are dog-eat-dog, everyone out for themselves. Yet, Art, unlike sports, politics, technology or industry, is a more benevolent enterprise. Within the artistic community, artists work in the privacy of their studios, all the while, keeping an eye on what other artists are doing, often feeding off a shared synergy to inform their own work. Art is evolutionary, building upon itself and what came before. Competere is ubiquitous and instrumental in Art history…”

– Betsy Eby and Bo Bartlett