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Relax in Sound

You’re invited to join Michelle Plummer, sonic guide with Sounds of TAO, to de-stress, relax, recharge, and restore your being to harmony and balance! We will use the modalities of quiet breath, vibration, silence, and sounds to enter into deep states of relaxation, meditation, and consciousness. Sound meditation, or Nada Yoga, will be experienced with energy shifting instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, drums, and chimes to create exceptional states of relaxation and stress relief, thereby supporting immune function.


Sound meditators experiences may vary; common experiences include: feelings of deep rest, calm, peace, rejuvenation, clarity, feeling energized and the dissipation of inflammation, stress, and anxiety after a session. All levels of experience are welcome to attend as we unite body, mind, and vibration with this mindfulness practice of self care. It is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat, neck support, and any supports you may need to be as comfortable as possible while on the floor for the duration of the session.


These events are always family friendly (children must be able to remain on their mat quietly). Children enjoy the sound experience too and it's a great way to teach them self care practices. Caveat: It is not recommended for those experiencing the 1st Trimester of pregnancy, sensitivity to sounds, or a history of seizures to attend.


•Space is limited to 8 sound bathers

•Social distancing will be in effect

•Bring: yoga mat, neck support, eye mask, props for comfort

•Register online on FB, Instagram,, or cash at door

Suggested Donation $25

November 13
7:30pm - 8:30pm (EST)