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RushSouth Music Fest & Outdoor Games 2023
By Uptown Columbus, Inc.
A weekend of music, water, art, and revelry brings a new annual experience to the SOUTHEAST.
RushSouth Fest is a place where nature and music collide. It’s a place where a great blue heron flies overhead while music plays in the background. Your bare feet dance where a riverbank meets a historic cityscape. You sip on craft brews and seltzers. You’re listening to music deeply rooted in the land your feet dance upon – the deep south. Rock, country, folk, indie, and the blues. You are a part of something special. Something smaller. Something unique. You are celebrating the nature, the music, and the raw beauty of the landscape we love. Welcome to the banks of the Chattahoochee River – Columbus, Georgia. Experience RushSouth Fest, the nation’s newest Americana music festival.
MUSIC: Experience more than 10 music acts over two days.
GAMES: Expect to see 300 athletes from over 30 countries AROUND THE WORLD compete for a World Championship title in Freestyle Kayaking. Watch and take part in triathlons, 5Ks, and more.
FOOD & BEV: Enjoy food offerings from vendors from around the region while sipping craft beers, seltzers, & WINES. #RUSHSOUTHFEST 
Saturday, October 14
Woodruff Riverfront Park
1000 Bay Ave, Columbus, GA 31901
Columbus, Ga