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What's To Come at Historic Westville
By Historic Westville

July What's To Come Saturday Series
Step back in time to experience what life would have been like in the 19th century. Each Saturday will feature a new demonstration in the village to showcase different skills and crafts of the 19th century.

July 10th - Lace Tatting
Lace tatting with a tool called a shuttle is a method used for making lace from start to finish. Shuttle lace was often used to make accessories such as lace collars or trim for clothing and household items. For this demonstration, you will be able to see Connie Jean create a piece of lace by hand.


July 17th - 19th Century Music
Music has always played a large part in the southern culture, and just like today were commonly found at family reunions, on election day, house dances, and of course, at church. On this day you will get to hear Chelsea sing in our beautiful Damascus Methodist Church, and learn a little more about the music of our time period.


July 24th - Straw Plaiting
Straw plaiting is a method used for braiding natural straw for the purpose of making hats and bonnets. It is a tedious process much like basket weaving, but is only the prep work for the finished product. The plaiting that will be demonstrated by Chelsea will be used in another upcoming event where she will be making a sunbonnet.


July 31st - Learning Day Special Hours of 10am-3pm
Join us in the village for a day FULL of demonstrations, both new and old! You'll get to see soap making, candle making, corn husk dolls, quilting, paper making, leather stamping, fabric dyeing, and so much more!


July 10 - July 24
8:30am - 9:45pm
Historic Westville
3557 South Lumpkin Road
Columbus, Georgia United States